Marvin H Stromer

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Earlier studies using atomic force microscopy (AFM) demonstrated the presence of fusion pores at the cell plasma membrane in a number of live secretory cells, revealing their morphology and dynamics at nm resolution and in real time. Fusion pores were stable structures at the cell plasma membrane where secretory vesicles dock and fuse to release vesicular(More)
To gain additional information about the arrangement of intermediate filaments (IF) in normal smooth muscle, fresh avian gizzard was processed for immunoelectron microscopy. The protein A-gold immunocytochemical technique was applied for the localization of desmin antigenic sites. Desmin-containing IFs were located in an axial bundle that partially(More)
Ca2+-activated protease (CAF) digestion of glycerinated nemaline myopathy muscle removed the electron-dense material covering rods and Z-lines and exposed longitudinal backbone filaments, 6-7 nm wide, which span the lengths of the original rods. Decoration of the exposed filaments (which are responsible for the periodicity parallel to the long axis of(More)
The substructure of assembling cytoplasmic dense bodies (CDBs) and changes in the distribution of desmin and alpha-actinin during development of smooth muscle were studied in gizzard samples from 10- and 16-day embryos and from 1- and 7-day post-hatch chickens. CDBs in these cells lack the density of CDBs in mature or adult smooth muscle cells and, thus,(More)
The accumulation of tropomyosin in cultures of differentiating muscle cells was quantitatively measured. Tropomyosin was isolated from cultured cells during and after myoblast fusion; both alpha- and beta-subunits were present in myotube cultures. During fusion small amounts of tropomyosin were detectable, but, as fusion approached a maximum, tropomyosin(More)
Lee, Ho-Sup, "Molecular interactions of talin and actin: a study on the specific domains of talin involved in the interactions " (2002). This manuscript has been reproduced from the microfilm master. UMI films the text directly from the original or copy submitted. Thus, some thesis and dissertation copies are in typewriter face, while others may be from any(More)
Canine and feline cardiac Z-lines and Z-rods were examined by electron microscopy before and after digestion of muscle fibers with Ca2+-activated protease (CAF). Removal by CAF of electron-dense material which covers Z-lines and Z-rods exposed interdigitating longitudinal filaments (6-7 nm in diameter) apparently continuous with thin filaments of the(More)