Marvin H. M. Cheng

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Accurate motion control for multiaxis motion systems is an important issue for manufacturing industry. In this brief, an adaptive robust control scheme is implemented to synthesize the compensator for tracking and synchronization with the consideration of cross-coupling dynamics among different axes. By using the adaptive strategies, the asymptotic(More)
This paper investigates on motion synchronization of a multiple axes system. Two different control strategies, a cross-coupling controller in feedback loop and a linear quadratic optimal controller, were used to synthesize the synchronization compensator with the cross-coupling dynamics among the axes. These two methods are corresponding to SISO and MIMO(More)
In this research the twisting cable mechanism was employed to design and develop a light elbow assistive robot. A particular type of fishing line was experimentally tested for use as the strand material, and the behavior was compared to the proposed model. A correction parameter called effective diameter was derived to adapt the model to the experimental(More)
In this study, a twisted string actuation mechanism was used to develop an assistive robotic system to assist post-stroke patients to regain mobility. The robotic manipulator used in therapy systems can apply forces to aid in specific tasks during goal-directed movements. The device was designed for the one-degree-of-freedom movement of patients' elbow(More)
This paper proposes a cascade control strategy, combined of a modified sliding mode controller and a quantized current regulator, for a Brushless DC Motor (BLDCM) to achieve high-performance speed control. In the current control loop, the quantized control law is derived by minimizing the instantaneous square value of a performance index signal using the(More)