Marvin Greenberg

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Electroencephalography has traditionally been considered a useful adjunct to the clinical evaluation of headache. We performed a literature review to determine whether evidence supports the routine use of the electroencephalogram (EEG) for patients with headache. After excluding case reports, case series in which subjects were selected because of abnormal(More)
American Society of Neuroradiology " Neuroimaging (NI) can help determine whether seizures result from a structural abnormality of the brain or its surroundings. NI can be a useful tool in a variety of clinical settings in the evaluation of patients who present with seizures. Patients may report seizure-related symptoms to their primary care provider,(More)
In an atmosphere of escalating medical costs, clinical practice guidelines have been proposed as a viable means of achieving cost containment. The approaches to developing standards of practice have historically been varied, and new methods of development have been proposed to incorporate current scientific knowledge and patient preferences for achieving(More)
BACKGROUND Computerized analysis of breath sounds has relied on human auditory perception as the reference standard for identifying crackles. In this study, we tested the human audibility of crackles by superimposing artificial clicks on recorded breath sounds and having physicians listen to the recordings to see if they could identify the crackles. (More)
M.C. Escher's print Circle Limit IV is the last of his four " Circle Limit " patterns. There are two questions one can ask about the symmetry of Circle Limit IV. First, what is the correct orientation in which to display the print? Second, what is the symmetry group of the pattern? We answer those questions and show some new patterns related to Circle Limit(More)
Peripheral nerve hemorrhage has rarely been reported with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). We describe a patient with severe ITP who developed mononeuropathy multiplex. At autopsy, multisystem hemorrhages were found, including intraneural hemorrhage, without evidence of extraneural hematoma. ITP represents an unusual cause for clinical(More)
Lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a malignant form of pulmonary angiitis that has characteristics in common with Wegener granulomatosis and lymphoma. Neurologic symptoms occur in up to 30% of the cases and are the presenting complaints in up to 21%. CNS, cranial nerve, and peripheral nerve involvement occur singly or in combination. In the CNS there is a(More)