Marvin B. Klein

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Laser-based ultrasonic (LBU) measurement shows great promise for on-line monitoring of weld quality in tailor-welded blanks. Tailor-welded blanks are steel blanks made from plates of differing thickness and/or properties butt-welded together; they are used in automobile manufacturing to produce body, frame, and closure panels. LBU uses a pulsed laser to(More)
We demonstrate optical limiting for the C(60) fullerene in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as a solid polymer host. It is shown that the optical-limiting behavior is consistent with excited-state absorption (reverse saturable absorption) as a mechanism. We suggest that a higher threshold for optical limiting compared with that of C(60) in toluene is due to(More)
We present a novel scheme with which to detect small ultrasonic surface displacements by use of a photochromic polymer instead of a photorefractive material as an adaptive beam combiner in a two-wave mixing geometry. Poly(methyl methacrylate) is doped with a derivative of zinc tetrabenzoporphyrin that possesses a long-lived triplet state that can be(More)
We have observed beam coupling and degenerate four-wave mixing in high-resistivity, undoped GaAs at 1.06 microm that is due to the photorefractive effect. The photorefractive species is thought to be the deep donor EL2. The measured values of two-wave gain are comparable with those measured in Bi(12)SiO(20). The response time is measured to be 20 microsec(More)
Laser ultrasonics is a form of ultrasonic evaluation in which a pulsed laser generates an ultrasonic wave in a sample which interrogates a specific feature. When this wave returns to the surface a separate laser interferometer detects the small resulting displacement. This technique is strictly noncontact and is thus suitable for in-process inspection of(More)
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