Marvin A. Soriano-Ursúa

Eduardo Ramírez-San Juan1
René Miranda-Ruvalcaba1
Francisco Delgado-Reyes1
1Eduardo Ramírez-San Juan
1René Miranda-Ruvalcaba
1Francisco Delgado-Reyes
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The influx/efflux of calcium (Ca2+) ions through channels in cellular membranes plays a pivotal role in many physiological and physiopathological processes. Among these are those involved in the physiopathology of epileptic seizures. Hence, the control of permeability of ions through these channels is considered a strategy for the development of(More)
Although the anticonvulsant activity of 3-hydroxy-3-ethyl-3-phenylproionamide (HEPP) is well-known, its use is limited by the pharmacotoxicological profile. We herein tested its fluorinated and chlorinated derivatives (F-HEPP and Cl-HEPP) with two seizure models, maximal electroshock seizures (MES), and intraperitoneal pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)(More)
The D(2) dopamine receptor (D(2)DR) is an important target for the treatment of some central nervous system disorders, such as Parkinson disease, schizophrenia and drug-dependence. In this work, we built 3-D models of the long form of human and rat D(2)DRs by considering data from the crystallized D3 dopamine receptor, β2 adrenoceptor and A2a adenosine(More)
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