Marvin A. Sirbu

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The digitization of information goods necessitates a rethinking of their production and distribution economics. An N-good bundling model with multi-dimensional consumer preferences is developed to study the key factors that determine the optimal bundling strategy. Using analytical and empirical methods, mixed bundling is established as the dominant (i.e.(More)
A taxonomy of bandwidth types that are, or will likely be, traded in bandwidth exchanges is presented. Bandwidth trading refers to an emerging trend in the telecommunications industry in which varying granularities of bandwidth are traded between buyers, sellers, and brokers in centralized marketplaces. Typical buyers and sellers include telecommunications(More)
A group of students in the M.S. program in Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University have designed and implemented a prototype of an Internet Billing Service-an electronic credit card service for the Internet environment. The service provides account management, authentication, access control, credit verification, management reporting, billing(More)
The work described centers on communications in the local environment such as an office building, hospital, military command center and the like. Connection is made to long haul services through gateways to support desk-to-desk connection. To be completely supportive of the requirements, the solution must provide for interaction in all modes whether it be(More)
There are several evolutionary paths and numerous barriers to developing new communications technologies for the office of the future. In this session the speakers will address in turn, various scenarios for the development of communications technologies and services, and the shifting legislative and regulatory environment which will have a major influence(More)
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