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We have characterized a collection of zebrafish/mouse somatic cell hybrids with 211 genes and markers chosen from the 25 zebrafish linkage groups. Most of the zebrafish genome is represented in this collection with 88% of genes/markers present in at least one hybrid cell line. Although most hybrids contain chromosomal fragments, there are a few instances(More)
1. Deiss A, Lee GR, and Cartwright GE: Hemolytic anemia in Wilson's disease, Ann Intern Med 73:413, 1970. 2. Melntyre N, Clink HM, Levi AJ, Cumings JN, and Sherlock S: Hemolytic anemia in Wilson's disease, N Engl J Med 276:439, 1967. 3. Slovis TL, Dubois RS, Rodgerson DO, and Silverman A: The varied manifestations of Wilson's disease, J PEDIATR 78:578,(More)
Biotinidase deficiency leads to a biotin-deficient state, with cardinal symptoms of ataxia, alopecia, and skin rash presenting in infancy. Previous reports of head CTs in patients with biotinidase deficiency did not note basal ganglia calcifications. We report the first case of biotinidase deficiency with basal ganglia calcifications. There were no symptoms(More)