Marvin A Boettcher

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Fermi large area telescope and multi-wavelength observations of the ABSTRACT We report on the multi-wavelength observations of PKS 1510-089 (a flat spectrum radio quasar (FSRQ) at z = 0.361) during its high activity period between 2008 September and 2009 June. During this 11 month period, the source was characterized by a complex variability at optical, UV,(More)
Many viruses rely on the self-assembly of their capsids to protect and transport their genomic material. For many viral systems, in particular for human viruses like hepatitis B, adeno or human immunodeficiency virus, that lead to persistent infections, capsomeres are continuously produced in the cytoplasm of the host cell while completed capsids exit the(More)
We present light curves of the afterglow of GRB 050502A, including very early data at t À t GRB < 60 s. The light curve is composed of unfiltered ROTSE-IIIb optical observations from 44 s to 6 hr postburst, R-band MDM observations from 1.6 to 8.4 hr postburst, and PAIRITEL JHK s observations from 0.6 to 2.6 hr postburst. The optical light curve is fit by a(More)
The gold standard for determining the tumorigenic potential of human cancer cells is a xenotransplantation into immunodeficient mice. Higher tumorigenicity of cells is associated with earlier tumor onset. Here, we used xenotransplantation to assess the tumorigenic potential of human breast cancer cells following RNA interference-mediated inhibition of over(More)
For one week during September 2007, we deployed a temporary network of field recorders and accelerometers at four sites within two deep, seismically active mines. The ground-motion data, recorded at 200 samples/sec, are well suited to determining source and ground-motion parameters for the mining-induced earthquakes within and adjacent to our network. Four(More)
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