Marvella E. Ford

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The social and emotional adjustment of hearing-impaired children in ordinary and special schools. Exploring the neurological substrate of emotional and Mental health of Turkish children: behavioral and emotional problems reported by parents, teachers and adolescents. The relationship between emotional-behavioral functioning and personal characteristics on(More)
The present experiment tested the hypothesis that the remediation of negative emotion will be most effective when the remedial procedure matches the experience or cognition that induced the negative state--process-specificity hypothesis. Other hypotheses examined were that negative states induced by cognitive reflection related to the self would be(More)
Numerous studies outline discrepancies in neuropsychological test profiles in African American and European American samples, despite similarities on major background factors. In our clinical sample of convenience, African American and European American older adults did not diverge on age, years of formal education, or global cognitive impairment. We(More)
African-Americans (AA) have a higher incidence of and lower survival from colorectal cancer (CRC) compared with European Americans (EA). In the present study, statewide, population-based data from South Carolina Central Cancer Registry are used to investigate the relationship between race and age on advanced-stage CRC survival. The study population was(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was a preliminary exploration of the relatively new phenomenon of arresting psychiatric inpatients for offenses committed in the hospital. METHODS A retrospective record review at two New York state hospitals identified all 73 inpatients arrested over a 30-month period for an offense committed while they were hospitalized. Logistic(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the reliability of the Attitudes to Randomized Trial Questionnaire (ARTQ) in measuring perceptions of cancer clinical trials in a predominantly African American (AA) sample in South Carolina (SC). METHODS Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Cronbach's alpha estimates were used to assess the reliability of the ARTQ in a convenience(More)
During the past two decades, researchers have provided evidence to support the notion that the social environment in which people live, as well as their lifestyles and behaviours, can influence the incidence of illness within a population (IOM 1988). They have also demonstrated that a population can achieve long-term health improvements when people become(More)
Colon cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States, and an increasing number of survivors has underscored the need for improved colon cancer surveillance care quality. Post-treatment surveillance includes follow-up care visits and tests as well as psychosocial support and lifestyle counseling. This formative study explored the(More)
Racial difference of religiosity in a heterogeneous older population had long been a focal point of gerontological research. However, most religiosity measures were developed from homogenous sample, few underwent rigorous psychometric validation, and studies on racial difference of religiosity had been obstructed. This cross-sectional study adapted a(More)
The US is experiencing a severe shortage of underrepresented biomedical researchers. The purpose of this paper is to present two case examples of cancer research mentoring programs for underrepresented biomedical sciences students. The first case example is a National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI) P20 grant titled “South Carolina(More)