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| An adaptive attitude control law is presented that realizes linear closed-loop dynamics in the attitude error vector. The Modiied Rodrigues Parameters (M-RPs) are used as the kinematic variables since they are non-singular for all possible rotations. The desired linear closed-loop dynamics can be of either PD or PID form. Only a crude estimate of the(More)
Dedicated to anyone who got lost and could not find the way home Acknowledgments I would like to express my gratitude to a number of people who played a role in my academic journey. First, I thank my advisor Todd Humphreys for his advice and support throughout my doctoral studies. I still remember vividly our first meeting in which he discussed his research(More)
This paper studies the problem of position-tracking adaptive control for planar robotic manipulators through visual servoing under a fixed-camera configuration. The uncertain parameters enter through two separate channels: 1) through the robot dynamics in terms of constant linearly appearing inertia values and 2) nonlinearly appearing camera calibration(More)
Acknowledgments I wish to thank the multitudes of people who helped me. The first one on the list is my supervisor Dr. S. Joe Qin, who patiently introduced me into the system identification and fault diagnosis areas. Without his guidance and support I will never finish this work at this point. I would like to thank Dr. Dr. Maruthi Ram Akella, has offered(More)