Maruša Hafner Česen

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A sigma-2 receptor agonist siramesine has been shown to trigger cell death of cancer cells and to exhibit a potent anticancer activity in vivo. However, its mechanism of action is still poorly understood. We show that siramesine can induce rapid cell death in a number of cell lines at concentrations above 20 μM. In HaCaT cells, cell death was accompanied by(More)
Late endocytic compartments include late endosomes, lysosomes and hybrid organelles. In the acidic lumen, cargo material derived from endocytosed and phagocytosed extracellular material and autophagy-derived intracellular material is degraded. In the event of lysosomal membrane permeabilization (LMP), the function of endo/lysosomal compartment is affected(More)
Late endosomal organelles have an acidic pH and contain hydrolytic enzymes to degrade cargo delivered either from the extracellular environment by endocytosis or from within the cell itself by autophagy. In the event of lysosomal membrane permeabilization (LMP), the contents of late endosomes and lysosomes can be released into the cytosol and then initiate(More)
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