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Tortuosity is one of parameters which describe a state of the eye fundus blood vessels. Tortuosity can be estimated from the detected vessels in optical fundus images. The increase in vessel tortuosity was observed in eyes of patients with advanced background diabetic retinopathy, papilloedema, even in some completely healthy eyes (in this case tortuosity(More)
Developed prototype of network based clinical decision support system consists of database of clinical data and web-based applications for signal and image analysis methods and algorithms. The methods for eye fundus image analysis and ECG P-wave morphology evaluation are the first methods covering two clinical specialties - cardiology and ophthalmology in(More)
The purpose of this study was the development of a Web-based e-health service for comprehensive assistance and clinical decision support. The service structure consists of a Web server, a PHP-based Web interface linked to a clinical SQL database, Java applets for interactive manipulation and visualization of signals and a Matlab server linked with signal(More)
Algorithms and software were developed for analysis of B-scan ultrasonic signals acquired from commercial diagnostic ultrasound system. The algorithms process raw ultrasonic signals in backscattered spectrum domain, which is obtained using two time-frequency methods: short-time Fourier and Hilbert-Huang transformations. The signals from selected regions of(More)
Data analysis traditionally belong to scientist's field of interest. Usually scientists gatherer and analyze their own data. Challenges of 21st century require more global point view in decision making process from each worker in local workplace. Local public health sector is strongly related with global world. So, right managerial decision-making in local(More)
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