Martynas Beresna

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We demonstrate recording and retrieval of the digital document with a nearly unlimited lifetime. The recording process of multiplexed digital data was implemented by femtosecond laser nanostructuring of fused quartz. The storage allows unprecedented parameters including hundreds of terabytes per disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000 °C, and(More)
Ultrashort pulse lasers have allowed probing of molecular dynamics in real time on the femtosecond time scale, [ 1 ] with exotic behavior ranging from alignment of molecules and clusters, [ 2 , 3 ] structural deformation, [ 4 ] phase transitions on solid, [ 5 ] and electron localization in magnetic materials. [ 6 ] A recent progress in high power ultrashort(More)
We present the first experimental evidence of anisotropic photosensitivity of an isotropic homogeneous medium under uniform illumination. Our experiments reveal fundamentally new type of light induced anisotropy originated from the hidden asymmetry of pulsed light beam with a finite tilt of intensity front. We anticipate that the observed phenomenon, which(More)
A simple technique for directly generating a radially polarized output beam from a cladding-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber laser is reported. Our approach is based on the use of a nanograting spatially variant waveplate as an intracavity polarization-controlling element. The laser yielded ~32 W of output power (limited by available pump power) with a radially(More)
The unusual dependence of femtosecond laser writing on the light polarization and direction of raster scanning is demonstrated in silica and chalcogenide glasses. Two different mechanisms contributing to the observed anisotropy are identified: the chevron-shaped stress induced by the sample movement and the pulse front tilt of ultrashort light pulse.(More)
Under certain exposure conditions, femtosecond lasers create nanogratings in the bulk of fused silica for which the orientation is governed by the laser polarization. Such nanostructure induces stress that affects optical and chemical properties of the material. Here, we present a method based on optical retardance measurement to quantify the stress around(More)
The structural evolution from void modification to self-assembled nanogratings in fused silica is observed for moderate (NA > 0.4) focusing conditions. Void formation, appears before the geometrical focus after the initial few pulses and after subsequent irradiation, nanogratings gradually occur at the top of the induced structures. Nonlinear Schrödinger(More)
The ability of 8 picosecond pulse lasers for three dimensional direct-writing in the bulk of transparent dielectrics is assessed through a comparative study with a femtosecond laser delivering 600 fs pulses. The comparison addresses two main applications: the fabrication of birefringent optical elements and two-step machining by laser exposure and(More)