Martyn L Fisher

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This study presents the new aerosol assimilation system developed at the European Centre for Medium–Range Weather Forecasts for the Global and regional Earth-system Monitoring using Satellite and in-situ data (GEMS) project. The aerosol modelling and analysis system is fully integrated in the operational four–dimensional assimilation apparatus. Its purpose(More)
The potential of a fibre luminescent solar concentrator has been explored by means of both analytical and ray-tracing techniques. Coated fibres have been found to be more efficient than homogeneously doped fibres, at low absorption. For practical fibres concentration is predicted to be linear with fibre length. A 1 m long, radius 1 mm, fibre LSC doped with(More)
Main brassboard Michelson interferometer components have been recently developed for the future flight phase implementations of SIM Lite mission. These brassboard components include two fine steering mirrors, pathlength modulation and cyclic averaging optics and astrometric beam combiner assembly. Field-independent performance tests will be performed in a(More)
Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) were originally proposed in the 1970s as a means to reduce the cost of solar energy. LSCs typically consist of a transparent substrate made from PMMA or glass, homogeneously doped with a luminescent species, with solar cells coupled to the edge(s). In this paper CdSe/CdS core/shell nanorods (NRs) are utilized as the(More)
An optical fiber probe is used to both excite and collect fluorescence from a suspension of cells. The configuration of the probe is such that one or a few cells are sensed at a time, with a convenient cell concentration. With fluorescently labeled antibodies to cellular antigens, the fiber optic cytometer is able to identify the presence of a specific set(More)
The solid-phase synthesis of 4-methylene pyrrolidines and allylic amines has been achieved using palladium-catalysed nucleophilic cleavage of allylic linkages. Six pyrrolidines were synthesised in five steps from a carboxyethyl resin 20, where the key transformations included a Lewis-acid promoted imino-Sakurai type reaction and reductive alkylation prior(More)
In this work we aim to investigate flexible luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) for the purpose of portable power generation. We will focus on Surelight® PE-610, which is a tandem fluorophore consisting of R-Phycoerythrin and Rhodamine, as well as PbSe nanorods, as the luminescent species. The luminescent quantum yield, LQY, of PE-610 was measured(More)
Spin-echo NMR spectroscopy was used to record the cleavage of a gamma-glutamyl--amino-acid by (5-L-glutamyl)-L-amino-acid 5-glutamyltransferase (cyclizing) (gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase) in human erythrocyte hemolysates. The Michaelis-Menten steady-state kinetic parameters were obtained by fitting the integrated Michaelis-Menten equation to the reaction(More)
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