Martyn J Matthews

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CLM developed in 60 of 526 patients (11%) with SCLC seen at the NCI between August 1969 and June 1980. Life table analysis revealed an overall 25% risk of CLM at 3 years. CLM was diagnosed during all phases of the patients' clinical course, but the majority (83%) were cases diagnosed at the time of progressive systemic disease. Univariate log rank analysis(More)
Eight (4%) of 203 consecutive prospectively staged and treated patients with small cell carcinoma (SCC) had no evidence of pulmonary or mediastinal tumor on chest roentgenogram or at fiberoptic bronchoscopy at the time of diagnosis. There were two distinct clinical presentations in these SCC patients with exclusively extrapulmonary tumors. Four had discrete(More)
Biopsy specimens from 19 previously untreated lung cancer patients were prospectively diagnosed as small cell carcinoma with a large cell component. The patients were thoroughly staged and received intensive combination chemotherapy. They represented 12% of all small cell carcinoma cases eligible for aggressive chemotherapy protocols during a 5.5 year(More)
The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is regarded as critical to the normal functioning of the knee, its disruption causing functional impairment. In recent years central third of the patellar tendon (PT) and combined Semitendinosis and gracilis tendons (HT) have become the most frequently used graft types for anterior cruciate knee ligament reconstruction.(More)
Sixty-one protocol-eligible patients with small cell bronchogenic carcinoma received cyclic alternating combination chemotherapy with two or three non-cross-resistant drug combinations. No chest or prophylactic brain radiation therapy was used. Twenty-eight months after starting treatment, disease-free survival was 23% for patients achieving a complete(More)
The prognostic implications of cigarette smoking were investigated in 112 patients with small cell lung cancer. Twenty had stopped smoking permanently before diagnosis (NS-Prior), 35 had stopped at diagnosis (NS-Dx), and 57 patients continued smoking (S). Therapies included chemotherapy alone or with radiation therapy, with or without thymosin fraction V.(More)