Martyn Fletcher

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is set to revolutionise industrial control as it holds the potential to simplify and make more robust the tracking of parts or part carriers through manufacture, storage, distribution and ultimately the supply chain. RFID control is based on unique RFID transponder tags being attached to parts and used to identify the(More)
We provide an overview of the DAME project, and a discussion of the progress made to date on the development of a distributed aeroengine diagnosis environment as a proof of concept demonstration for Grid computing. We discuss the challenges faced by the DAME project in meeting the requirements of this complex, data intensive, diagnosis system that must be(More)
The Holonic Packing Cell is a manufacturing environment that is responsive to change and has been constructed at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at Cambridge University. The development work on this cell is being done by the IfM’s Centre for Distributed Automation and Control with contributions from the Auto-ID Centre and Agent Oriented Software(More)
The CARMEN platform allows neuroscientists to share data, metadata, services and workflows, and to execute these services and workflows remotely via a Web portal. This paper describes how we implemented a service-based infrastructure into the CARMEN Virtual Laboratory. A Software as a Service framework was developed to allow generic new and legacy code to(More)