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PURPOSE To examine the amount of support being provided by nurses to women during childbirth and factors that influence the provision of support. STUDY DESIGN Exploratory, descriptive. METHODS Work sampling method was used to determine the percentage of time nurses spend in supportive care activities. Twelve nurses were observed over six nonconsecutive(More)
The measurement of clinical skills performance continues to pose a challenge for nurse educators. This paper will report on the use of the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) to measure the psychomotor learning outcomes of a programme designed to assist students to learn to conduct a nursing neurological examination. The OSCE has a tradition in(More)
Terahertz (THz) frequency radiation, 0.1 THz to 20 THz, is being investigated for biomedical imaging applications following the introduction of pulsed THz sources that produce picosecond pulses and function at room temperature. Owing to the broadband nature of the radiation, spectral and temporal information is available from radiation that has interacted(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the grief experience of pediatric intensive care nurses when their patients die. DESIGN Heideggerian phenomenological approach; nonprobability, purposive sampling; semistructured interviews; data analyzed using Colaizzi's method of phenomenology. SETTING Pediatric intensive care unit within a Canadian pediatric metropolitan(More)
The idea of this event, in the 350th Anniversary Year of the Royal Society, arose from discussions within the Durham Biophysical Sciences Institute in late 2008. The objective of the meeting as a whole was to consider both the positive and negative aspects of climate change and potential global shortages of both energy and natural resources; but with a(More)
BACKGROUND Nepal is a small mountainous South Asian country located between the nations of India and China. Forty-two per cent of the 22 million Nepalese people live in poverty. As a result, immigration to a developed country is the dream of many but available to few. Some immigrants from Nepal have arrived in Australia in recent years entering the 'Skill'(More)
An evaluation of a midwife-operated community birthing center was conducted to identify whether it would be safe, cost-effective, and psychologically and socially satisfying for Inuit women in one community in the Northwest Territories. Two nurse-midwives provided antenatal and postnatal care to all pregnant women and delivered those designated as 'low(More)
A survey of 1109 women who delivered in a hospital or at home in a major city in Canada was conducted. The women were asked to respond to questions concerning the type of health professional they would like to provide reproductive care. The choices they were offered were: midwife, obstetrician, general practitioner or nurse, or a combination. Respondents(More)
Maternity care for women in Ontario is provided almost exclusively by physicians, the majority of whom are obstetricians. Using a self-administered questionnaire, pregnant women in one Ontario city were surveyed about their interest in midwifery care as an alternative to physician care. Although 3 percent of the women surveyed had used a midwife, 60 percent(More)