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Drugs with class III antiarrhythmic activity are potential human teratogens because of their ability to cause bradycardia in the embryo during the organogenic period. Three drugs with class III antiarrhythmic activity, almokalant, dofetilide and d-sotalol, were compared in vitro using rat embryo culture. Each of these drugs caused a concentration-dependent(More)
A critical step in developing accurate large signal PHEMT models is the equation used for the gate charge. This paper examines three types of gate charge formulations. Measured versus modeled results at 2, 8 and 16 GHz clearly demonstrate that a two terminal voltage dependent gate charge model provides the best prediction of all the parameters measured,(More)
Context. The solar irradiance in the UV is a key ingredient in space weather applications; however, because of the lack of continuous and long-term observations, various indices are still used today as surrogates for the solar spectral irradiance. Aims. As an alternative to current spectrometers we use a few radiometers with properly chosen passbands and(More)
Changes in resting head and neck posture were studied in 201 patients following five different orthognathic surgery procedures: (1) LeFort I osteotomy for superior repositioning (intrusion) of the maxilla (n = 45); (2) bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy for mandibular advancement (n = 78); (3) mandibular setback (n = 19); (4) combined maxillary(More)
Ten of 12 adolescents treated with surgical mandibular advancement showed postsurgical mandibular growth, as indicated by an increase in the distance from condylion to pogonion. In all cases, the growth was expressed vertically relative to the cranial base, so that the chin did not come forward. None of the patients had significant increments of anterior(More)
This work developed a distributed PHEMT model for small signal S-parameter simulation. Distributed effects due to feed metalization were compared for a wide range of measured PHEMT geometries. Agreement between measured and modeled results was achieved for a large 40 x 60 /spl mu/m PHEMT, which makes the model attractive for large-signal model development.
Observations of stellar activity cycles provide an opportunity to study magnetic dynamos under many different physical conditions. Space-based asteroseismology missions will soon yield useful constraints on the interior conditions that nurture such magnetic cycles, and will be sensitive enough to detect shifts in the oscillation frequencies due to the(More)
A measurement of the parity-violating gamma asymmetry in n-D capture would yield information on N-N parity violation independent of the n-p system. Since cold neutrons will depolarize in a liquid deuterium target in which the scattering cross section is much larger than the absorption cross section, it will be necessary to quantify the loss of polarization(More)