Marty S. Cohen

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This paper describes the design of an arithmetic unit called CADAC (clean arithmetic with decimal base and controlled precision). Programming language specifications for carrying out "ideal" floating-point arithmetic are described first. These specifications include detailed requirements for dynamic precision control and exception handling, along with both(More)
This paper describes some simple programming language facilities for raising and handling exceptions, and demonstrates, with a number of examples, their effectiveness in a scientific computing environment. Only a small number of <italic>predefined</italic> exceptions need to be introduced into the language, but any number of <italic>user-defined</italic>(More)
Land use regression (LUR) is a method for predicting the spatial distribution of traffic-related air pollution. To facilitate risk and exposure assessment, and the design of future monitoring networks and sampling campaigns, we sought to determine the extent to which LUR can be used to predict spatial patterns in air pollution in the absence of dedicated(More)
A new computer arithmetic is described. Closely related built-in functions are included. A user's point of view is taken, so that the emphasis is on what language features are available to a user. The main new feature is flexible precision control of decimal floating-point arithmetic. It is intended that the language facilities be sufficient for describing(More)
CMS is investigating techniques that might help identify costly physician practice patterns. One method presently under evaluation is to compare resource use for certain episodes of care using commercially available episode grouping software. Although this software has been used by the private sector to classify insured individuals' medical claims into(More)
Some bacteria can carry out anaerobic respiration by depositing electrons on external materials, such as electrodes, thereby creating an electrical current. Into the anode chamber of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) having abiotic air-cathodes we inoculated microorganisms cultured from a magnetic particle-enriched portion of a marine tidal sediment, reasoning(More)
The most commonly used materials in the manufacture of urological devices are discussed with respect to their application to urinary catheters, penile implants, testicular implants, artificial urinary sphincters, and urological stents. The manufacturing, physical properties, and general chemical and biological behavior of there materials are reviewed.(More)
Numerical Turing is an extension of the Turing programming language. Turing is a Pascal-like language (with convenient string handling, dynamic arrays, modules and more general parameter lists) developed at the University of Toronto [4]. Turing has been in use since May, 1983, and is now available on several machines.
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