Marty Ossefort

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The proof method for networks of processes proposed by Misra and Chandy is demonstrated on three examples from the literature. It is shown that this method is easy to use, preserves process autonomy in the network proof, and conforms naturally to the hierarchical structure of the network. Two very large-scale integration algorithms and a sorting network are(More)
[24] J. Spitzen and B. Wegbreit, "The verification and synthesis of data structures," Acta Informatica, vol. 4, pp. 127-144, 1975. [251 J. Guttag, "Abstract data types and the development of data structures," Commun. Ass. Comput. Mach., vol. 20, pp. 396-404, June 1977. [261 S. N. Zilles, "Abstract specification for data types," IBM Res. Lab., San Jose, CA,(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of sorting a file in a database which is stored on a diskette and is to be processed by a small desk-sized computer. In many applications, such as output applications for a general-purpose database, it is also a requirement that the order of the records on the disk not be changed. There are many ways to accomplish such(More)
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