Martti Sutinen

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This paper presents a web-application supporting structured decision modelling and analysis. The application allows for decision modelling with respect to different preferences and views, allowing for numerically imprecise and vague background probabilities, values, and criteria weights, which further can be adjusted in an interactive fashion when(More)
aalto university school of science and technology abstract of the bachelor's thesis This thesis examines the decision making process of the Swedish road authority Vägverket in its decision about creating a bypass for Stockholm. The process is compared with the general decision making process as suggested by Clemen. The thesis concentrates on the software(More)
This thesis introduces a computational model of emotions and decisions for a robot, which interacts meaningfully in a social context. The decision making framework is based on multi-attribute utility theory, but it contains a dynamic and adaptive emotional model which basically acts as a preference and perception manipulator. The emotional model is based on(More)
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