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The following two computational problems are studied: Duplicate grouping: Assume that n items are given, each of which is labeled by an integer key from the set {0,. .. , U − 1}. Store the items in an array of size n such that items with the same key occupy a contiguous segment of the array. Closest pair: Assume that a multiset of n points in the(More)
In this paper we develop a syntax-directed approach to transformation of documents from one structure to another. The aim is to automate a transformation between two grammars that have common parts, although the grammars and names of elements may differ. In an important case, called local transformations, the transformation can be performed by a finite(More)
In this paper we consider work-optimal simulations of PRAM models on coated meshes. Coated meshes consist of a mesh connected routing machinery with processors on the surface of the mesh. We prove that coated meshes with 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional routing machinery can work-optimally simulate EREW, CREW, and CRCW PRAM models. The general idea behind(More)
SUMMARY In structured text processing systems the need for transformation of document instances is obvious if the structure definition of the document type changes. This article presents a transformation method with the use of an extended syntax-directed translation schema and its implementation to certain modifications in a syntax-directed document(More)