Martiza Calderón

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BACKGROUND Patients with Chagas disease have migrated to cities, where obesity, hypertension and other cardiac risk factors are common. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The study included adult patients evaluated by the cardiology service in a public hospital in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Data included risk factors for T. cruzi infection, medical history,(More)
Several platforms have been used to generate the primary data for microsatellite analysis of malaria parasite genotypes. Each has relative advantages but share a limitation of being time- and cost-intensive. A commercially available automated capillary gel cartridge system was assessed in the microsatellite analysis of Plasmodium vivax diversity in the(More)
The life cycle of the carob moth,Spectrobates (= Ectomyelois) ceratoniae (Zeller), was examined on stored almonds held at 26±1°C and 70±5% relative humidity. Oviposition on almonds averaged 113 ± 5.3 eggs per female. Average adult longevity of the female and male was 5.7 (max. = 10) and 4.6 (max. = 9) days, respectively. In experiments in glass jars, 85.5%(More)
The grain bulk in its environment is presented as an ecosystem, comprising biotic (grain, insects, microflora) and abiotic (dockage, intergranular air, water vapors, storage structure) elements. The effect of the stored grain bulk environment and microenvironment on each of the system components is analyzed, and the possible implications of these effects in(More)
Tribolium castaneum (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera) eggs, 24, 48, 72 and 96 h old, were exposed to UV radiation from a 15-w lamp emitting energy at the 254 run wavelength with an intensity of 600 μW/cm2 . Mortality was assessed by determining the hatching of eggs and larval survival, 14 days after exposure. Older eggs were found to be more susceptible to UV(More)
Tribolium castaneum adults and pupae were exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) at concentrations of 20%, 30% and 40% in air, for 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 h. The toxic effect on the treated adults was insignificant except for the longest exposure at the highest CO concentration, at which mortality values reached 11.3%. Adult emergence from the treated pupae was(More)
Dr. Shimon Pappo, pioneer phytopathologist and prominent figure in the field of Plant Protection in Israel, passed away on March 25, 1981. Shimon Pappo was born in 1913, to a well known and respected Jewish family in Chaskovo, Bulgaria. After having completed his prima~y and secondary school education in bis home town, Pappo enroUed al the University of(More)
The effect of methyl bromide in admixture with 20%, 30% and 40% carbon monoxide (CO) onTribolium castaneum adults was tested. The combination of methyl bromide with 20% CO increased the toxicity of CH3Br 1.4-fold, with 30% CO-1.5-fold, and with 40% CO-1.7-fold. It is supposed that the inhibitory effect of CO on the insect’s microsomal mixed-function oxidase(More)
The objective of this research was to formulate and evaluate a beverage based on powdered whole milk and precooked rice flour, with good nutritional contribution, good acceptability and stability, which permits to be included in the nutritional Protection Programs carried out by the National Institute of Nutrition of Venezuela. Six different mixtures were(More)