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BACKGROUND In a retrospective study, antiplatelet therapy has been shown to be associated with a decreased incidence of erythropoietin-induced hypertension. In order to ascertain the role of antiplatelet drugs in the haemodynamic response to the correction of anaemia by rHuEpo, 18 patients on chronic haemodialysis who started rHuEpo therapy were(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Quality of life (QOL) is an important clinical end-point to be considered in the late follow-up of patients treated with allogeneic bone marrow (BM) or peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) transplantation. DESIGN AND METHODS To assess the QOL in a group of survivors of hematologic malignancies who had been enrolled in a(More)
The authors report the case of a 60-year-old white man with a previous history of pulmonary tuberculosis, smoking habits, hypertension, intermittent claudication and erythromelalgia, admitted to our ward with an ischemic cerebral event. Initial laboratory evaluation documented thrombocytosis (platelet-950000/mm3) and discrete anemia. Additional studies(More)
Prevention and early diagnosis are considered the main tools to reduce the incidence and mortality from cancer. The authors studied prospectively 150 oncologic patients admitted to Santa Maria Hospital-Lisbon from April/92 to April/93, by personal interview, to analyze their assistance pathways from the appearance of first symptoms. We tried to define the(More)
We conducted a retrospective analysis on 311 patients with clinical diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE) in a period of 3 years. 163 patients were excluded based on clinical-laboratorial criteria. The remaining 146 patients had a median age of 69 years (range: 30-91 years). 54% of the patients were male. We found dyspnea (94%), abnormal cardiopulmonary(More)
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