Martinette T. Streppel

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Calcium plays a role in blood pressure (BP) regulation, but the importance of supplemental calcium intake for the prevention of hypertension is still debated. We conducted a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials to determine the effect of calcium supplementation on BP. A systematic search for randomized trials of calcium supplementation and BP in(More)
AIMS To assess the relationship between fish consumption or eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)+docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) intake from fish, and (sudden) coronary death. METHODS AND RESULTS The impact of recent and long-term fish consumption and EPA+DHA intake on (sudden) coronary death was investigated in the Zutphen Study, a cohort of 1373 men born between 1900(More)
BACKGROUND Dietary fiber is part of a healthy diet and may exert a protective effect in the cardiovascular system. The effect of fiber intake on blood pressure (BP) has not yet been established. METHODS We performed a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials to estimate the effect of fiber supplementation on BP overall and in population(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effects of dietary fiber intake on long-term mortality. OBJECTIVE We aimed to study recent and long-term dietary fiber intake in relation to coronary heart disease and all-cause mortality. DESIGN The effects of recent and long-term dietary fiber intakes on mortality were investigated in the Zutphen Study, a cohort of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations (25(OH)D) and mortality in a large consortium of cohort studies paying particular attention to potential age, sex, season, and country differences. DESIGN Meta-analysis of individual participant data of eight prospective cohort studies from Europe and the US. (More)
BACKGROUND Invalid information on dietary intake may lead to false diet-disease associations. This study was conducted to examine the relative validity of the food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) used to assess dietary intake in the Leiden Longevity Study. METHODS A total of 128 men and women participating in the Leiden Longevity Study were included in the(More)
BACKGROUND Light to moderate alcohol intake lowers the risk of cardiovascular mortality, but whether this protective effect can be attributed to a specific type of beverage remains unclear. Moreover, little is known about the effects of long-term alcohol intake on life expectancy. METHODS The impact of long-term alcohol intake and types of alcoholic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the contribution of dairy products to the intake of various vitamins and minerals in several life stages in the Dutch population. METHOD Data from 3 Dutch Food Consumption Surveys and the Leiden Longevity Study were used to estimate the contribution of dairy products--as percentage of total intake--to the intake of iron, copper,(More)
BACKGROUND Flow-mediated dilation (FMD) is an accepted technique to quantify endothelial function and has shown to have prognostic value for future cardiovascular disease (CVD). The predictive strength of FMD in CVD patients compared to populations not diagnosed for CVD warrants further investigation. We systematically reviewed prospective studies that(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To study the effect of long-term smoking on all-cause and cause-specific mortality, and to estimate the effects of cigarette and cigar or pipe smoking on life expectancy. DESIGN A long-term prospective cohort study. SETTING Zutphen, The Netherlands. PARTICIPANTS 1373 men from the Zutphen Study, born between 1900 and 1920 and studied(More)