Martinelli Stefano

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The results of this study lend strong support to the concept of the existence in insects and molluscs of a distinctive class of neuroglial cells comparable to vertebrate microglia. The evidence presented is as valid as that used in reference to the separate status of vertebrate microglia--i.e., the demonstration of a close structural and functional(More)
Morphine stimulates nitric oxide (NO) release in human endothelial cells. To determine whether this mechanism also occurs in invertebrates, the mussel Mytilus edulis was studied. Exposure of excised ganglia to morphine for 24 h resulted in a significant dose-dependent decrease in microglial egress that was naloxone sensitive. In coincubating the excised(More)
Newborn hearing screening is a type of screening test for the early detection of hearing loss. It can recognize with good accuracy newborns affected by hearing impairment allowing an early diagnosis and intervention and avoiding cognitive and linguistic deficits [1-6]. The incidence of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) in Sicily is 2.35 cases per(More)
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