Martinec Seidel

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OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the effects of lamotrigine in routine therapy in the highly selected clientele of the Residential Department of the Bethel Epilepsy Centre. PATIENTS AND METHODS In an open, observational, add-on study design, 125 resident patients with severe therapy-resistant epilepsy and multiple additional handicaps were treated with(More)
We report on a 50-year-old man with mental retardation and right-sided hemi-paresis. He seemed to be cured from epilepsy. In a short time a mental and physical deterioration developed which looked like a dementia, which was suggested by vascular risk factors. The EEG showed marked epileptic activity characterized by spikes appearing every 10 seconds over(More)
The literature on the problem of extracorporeal detoxication in chronic schizophrenia was critically studied. For the statistically considered 132 cases of chronic schizophrenia without uraemia treated with haemodialysis, haemoperfusion and haemofiltration which are published in the literature (including 12 own cases) it was found that 38 per cent are(More)
Comparative examinations of the paper and pencil form and a mechanical variation (using a performance testing unit) of Pauli's performance test, in which a total of 100 students were included, showed differences in the specific requirements of the two variants and in the performance rating of the test subjects. Consequently, their mutual substitution(More)
  • M Seidel
  • 1989
The neuroleptic-induced akathisia (NIA) often appears as a side effect of neuroleptic therapy in psychotic individuals. It can accompany or outlive the period of neuroleptic treatment. Besides the objective symptoms of motor restlessness it is especially the subjective symptoms and complaints as inner restlessness, anxiety, and depression, which cause(More)