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Rhythmic masking release: contribution of cues for perceptual organization to the cross-spectral fusion of concurrent narrow-band noises.
The contribution of temporal asynchrony, spatial separation, and frequency separation to the cross-spectral fusion of temporally contiguous brief narrow-band noise bursts was studied using theExpand
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Rhythmic masking release: effects of asynchrony, temporal overlap, harmonic relations, and source separation on cross-spectral grouping.
The rhythm created by spacing a series of brief tones in a regular pattern can be disguised by interleaving identical distractors at irregular intervals. The disguised rhythm can be unmasked if theExpand
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Frequency discrimination duration effects for Huggins pitch and narrowband noise (L).
Frequency difference limens (FDLs) were measured for Huggins pitch (HP) stimuli, consisting of a 30-Hz wide band of interaurally decorrelated noise in a diotic low-pass noise and for 30-Hz wide bandsExpand
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Binding Through the Fovea: A Tale of Perception in the Service of Action
By characterizing the function of the ventral and dorsal visual streams as, respectively, vision-for-perception and vision-for-action, Milner and Goodale (1995) have brought some action onto theExpand
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Moving with the in-crowd: Cooperation and interpersonal entrainment in in- vs. out- groups
Interpersonal entrainment or moving together in time, has been shown to cultivate pro-social behaviours amongst those who take part. Converging evidence suggests that its pro-social effects may beExpand
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Ambiguous Musical Figures
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