Martine Sabbe

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The purpose of this investigation was to determine the proportion of influenza-like illness (ILI) attributable to specific viruses during the influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic and to describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of ILI due to respiratory viruses in Belgium. Nasopharyngeal swabs were collected from ILI patients by general practitioners(More)
BACKGROUND : The current Belgian experience with rotavirus vaccination provides a unique perspective to look at the effect of vaccination. Shortly after introduction, a nation-wide recommendation was issued and despite the fact that both rotavirus vaccines are offered through partial reimbursement, vaccine uptake has already reached a high level (at least(More)
This paper documents the progress of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine introduction in Belgium. Information on vaccine use is based on sales statistics and reimbursement claims. From November 2007 to November 2008, the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance reimbursed the HPV vaccine for girls aged between 12-15 years. In December 2008, the(More)
In Belgium, the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7) was introduced into the national schedule in 2007. The early impact of PCV7 vaccination on paediatric invasive disease was estimated by comparing pre- and post-vaccination incidence from national surveillance. In children <2 year-olds, vaccine-serotype incidence declined by 96% but(More)
As women vaccinated against measles transfer low amounts of antibodies, an increasing number of infants lack early protection through maternal antibodies until being immunised themselves. This paper reviews the literature on disease burden of measles in the population too young to be immunized according to the respective national recommendations during(More)
Rotavirus vaccines were introduced in Belgium in 2006 and recommended in the universal schedule in January 2007. We measured the impact of rotavirus vaccination through an active laboratory-based surveillance system. In 2008, the number of laboratory confirmed rotavirus cases declined by 61.4% (95% CI 60.2-62.6%) compared to the 2005-2006 pre-vaccination(More)
From 1 January to 14 April 2011, a total of 155 measles cases were notified in Belgium, whereas throughout 2010, there were only 40. Of the 103 cases with known vaccination status, 87% had not been vaccinated with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. The resurgence of measles is the consequence of insufficient vaccine coverage in previous years. Efforts to(More)
BACKGROUND Varicella universal vaccination (UV) has been implemented in many countries for several years. Nevertheless, varicella UV remains debated in Europe and few data are available on the real burden of infection. We assessed the burden of varicella in Belgium through analysis of hospitalised cases during a 1-year period. METHODS Data on children(More)
We describe characteristics of an ongoing measles outbreak in Wallonia, Belgium, and difficulties in control measures implementation. As at 12 March 2017, 177 measles cases were notified, of which 50% were 15 years and older, 49% female. Atypical clinical presentation and severe complications, mainly among adults, in combination with late notification, low(More)
Vaccines and extended vaccination programs have had an extensive impact on morbidity and mortality rates due to infectious diseases. Because of the continuous and extensive use of vaccines in industrialized countries, many infectious diseases such as poliomyelitis, diphtheria and measles have been reduced to near-extinction. However, in recent years, many(More)