Martine Mullet

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The periaqueductal gray (PAG) contains neural circuits that participate in descending antinociception. Anatomical and electrophysiological evidence suggests that these circuits might employ opioid peptides and GABA in series to remove a tonic inhibition of descending PAG output neurons. The present studies examined the release of the antinociceptive(More)
We describe here a microdialysis probe with 1 mm opening for precise and confined dialysis area in the awake, freely moving rat. This probe is designed to allow the local diffusion of the perfusion medium to an area approximately 175 microm high, 266 microm wide (mediolateral direction), and 305 microm in rostrocaudal direction. In addition, the probe(More)
The influence of surface-bound Fe(II) on uranium oxidation state and speciation was studied as a function of time (6 min-72 h) and pH (6.1-8.5) in a U(VI)-Fe(II)-montmorillonite (Ca-montmorillonite, MONT) system under CO(2)-free, anoxic (O(2) <1 ppmv) conditions. The results show a rapid removal of U(VI) from the aqueous solution within 1 h under all pH(More)
Pyrite, an iron sulfide, occurs in many soils and sediments, making it an important natural reductant of toxic metal pollutants. This study investigated the processes leading to aqueous Cr(VI) reduction by pyrite in a closed thermostated (25 +/- 0.1 degrees C) system and under an argon atmosphere. Synthetic pyrite suspensions were reacted with a range of(More)
Ventricular administration of urocortin (UCN) inhibits feeding, but specific site(s) of UCN action are unknown. In the current studies we examined the effect of UCN in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) on feeding. We tested UCN administered into the PVN in several paradigms: deprivation-induced, nocturnal, and neuropeptide Y (NPY)-induced(More)
Adhesion of the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni and Mycobacterium avium onto polyethylene terephtalate (PET), a polymer widely used within the bottled water industry was measured in two different groundwater solutions. From this, it was found that whilst the percentage cell adhesion for a given strain did not change between groundwater types, substantial(More)
The functional properties of wheat powders depend largely on the surface characteristics of their particles. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) has been considered to investigate the surface composition of wheat powders. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the ability of XPS to discriminate wheat components and to calculate the surface(More)
To study the possible mechanism by which peripheral nerves mediate immune responses in target tissues, electrical stimulation of the sciatic nerve was combined with subcutaneous microdialysis of the hind paw. Following unilateral stimulation of the sciatic nerve, an ipsilateral rise in substance P and a bilateral rise in VIP levels were observed in(More)
Pyrite oxidation processes by aqueous Cr(VI) were investigated at 25 degrees C under an argon atmosphere. Synthetic pyrite suspensions (6 g L(-1)) were reacted for 20 h with a range of Cr(VI) solutions from 0 to 700 microM and at pH 2-12. The main objective of this work was to investigate the reaction mechanisms by emphasizing the role of sulfur species.(More)