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A channel estimation algorithm for MIMO-OFDM systems in Fast Time-Varying Environments is proposed. The channel estimation function is based on the equivalent discrete-time channel taps or on the physical propagation channel parameters. To handle rapid variations of channels within a transmission block, we approximate the channel by a basis expansion model(More)
This paper investigates the propagation channel characteristics of a power line communication inside a vehicle. Transfer functions have been measured between various points of the DC network in a frequency range extending from 500 kHz up to 70 MHz to deduce the statistical behavior of the path loss, delay spread and coherence bandwidth. The results are(More)
Power Line Communication may be used to transmit information from the sensors distributed on a motor to the electronic command of the converter feeding this motor. The interest of using the three phase cable as a physical support for the transmission is that the additional line dedicated for data can be avoided. However, impulsive noise generated by the(More)