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Recommended by Heidi Steendam Recently, a new multiple access (MA) scheme called block-interleaved frequency division multiple access (B-IFDMA) is under consideration as an MA scheme candidate for 4G wireless applications. In this paper, the two variants of B-IFDMA are considered, the joint-DFT B-IFDMA and the added-signal B-IFDMA, and compared in terms of(More)
—This paper first presents an application of the modal theory for interpreting experimental results of the electromagnetic field variation along a tunnel. The transmitting frequency is assumed to be high enough so that the tunnel behaves as an oversized waveguide. Then, for a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output channel, theoretical results of the channel(More)
Polarization diversity has already been considered for implementing a MIMO link in an indoor environment. However, the propagation characteristics play a leading role in the improvement of the channel performance. The objective of this paper is thus to study the possible application of this kind of diversity in a road or railway tunnel. Extensive(More)