Martine J. van Vugt

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A.H.F.M. Peters (corresponding author), A.W. Plug, M.J. van Vugt and P. de Boer are at the Department of Genetics, Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences, Wageningen Agricultural University, Dreijenlaan 2, NL-6703 HA Wageningen, The Netherlands. Tel: (‡ 31) 317 483147; Fax: (‡ 31) 317 483929; Email: A.W. Plug is now at the(More)
Besides their phagocytic effector functions, myeloid cells have an essential role as accessory cells in the induction of optimal humoral immune responses by presenting captured antigens and activating lymphocytes. Antigen presentation by human monocytes was recently found to be enhanced in vitro through the high-affinity Fc receptor for IgG (Fc g RI; CD64),(More)
Dendritic cells (DC) can trigger naive CD8 T cell responses by their capacity to cross-present exogenous antigens via the major histocompatibility complex class I pathway. The myeloid class I IgG receptor, FccRI (CD64), is expressed on DC, and in vivo targeting of antigens to FccRI induces strong humoral and cellular immune responses. We studied the(More)
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