Martine Guérif

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Remote sensing techniques offer a unique solution for mapping stress and monitoring its time-course. This article reviews the main issues to be addressed for quantifying stress level from remote sensing observations, and to mitigate its impact on crop production by managing cultural practices. The case of nitrogen fertilization is used here as a paradigm.(More)
Crop models can be useful tools for estimating crop growth status and yield on large spatial domains if their parameters and initial conditions values can be known for each point. By coupling a radiative transfer model with the crop model (through a canopy structure variable like LAI), it is possible to assimilate, for each point of the spatial domain,(More)
Canopy chlorophyll content (CCC) is an essential ecophysiological variable for photosynthetic functioning. Remote sensing of CCC is vital for a wide range of ecological and agricultural applications. The objectives of this study were to explore simple and robust algorithms for spectral assessment of CCC. Hyperspectral datasets for six vegetation types(More)
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