Martine Garnier-Rizet

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The LIMSI ARISE system provides vocal access by telephone to rail travel information for main French intercity connections, including timetables, simulated fares and reservations, reductions and services. Our goal is to obtain high dialog success rates with a very open interaction, where the user is free to ask any question or to provide any information at(More)
Being the client’s first interface, call centres worldwide contain a huge amount of information of all kind under the form of conversational speech. If accessible, this information can be used to detect eg. major events and organizational flaws, improve customer relations and marketing strategies. An efficient way to exploit the unstructured data of(More)
Opinion mining on conversational telephone speech tackles two challenges: the robustness of speech transcriptions and the relevance of opinion models. The two challenges are critical in an industrial context such as marketing. The paper addresses jointly these two issues by analyzing the influence of speech transcription errors on the detection of opinions(More)
Machine translation evaluation campaigns require the production of reference corpora to automatically measure system output. This paper describes recent efforts to create such data with the objective of measuring the quality of the systems participating in the Quaero evaluations. In particular, we focus on the protocols behind such production as well as all(More)
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