Martine De Bie

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We have blocked creatine kinase (CK) mediated phosphocreatine (PCr) <==> ATP transphosphorylation in mitochondria and cytosol of skeletal muscle by knocking out the genes for the mitochondrial (ScCKmit) and the cytosolic (M-CK) CK isoforms in mice. Animals which carry single or double mutations, if kept and tested under standard laboratory conditions, have(More)
OBJECTIVE Oxysterols such as 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC) are important mediators of cell death in atherosclerosis. Therefore, in vitro studies of human smooth muscle cell (SMC) death in response to 7-KC were undertaken to investigate the potential mechanisms. METHODS AND RESULTS Human aortic SMCs treated with 7-KC showed enhanced immunoreactivity for the(More)
Current clinical trials for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) depend upon the measurement of minimal residual disease (MRD) at early stages of therapy to determine the risk of relapse for each patient who is being used for treatment stratification. 1 PCR-based MRD tests are usually designed to detect the specific rearrangements of(More)
Dipiperon drops 30-180 mg/day were given for eight weeks to 29 children with character neuroses and behavioural disorders. A 16-item rating-scale covering several features of behaviour disorder was completed by a psychologist and a teacher independent from each other. The individual number of pathological scores showed a decrease already within the first(More)
In this study we explored the possibility of automating the PGP9.5 immunofluorescence staining assay for the diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy using skin punch biopsies. The laboratory developed test (LDT) was subjected to a validation strategy as required by good laboratory practice guidelines and compared to the well-established gold standard method(More)
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