Martine Cloutier

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A +2 dBm Bluetooth transceiver in 0.5 /spl mu/m SiGe BiCMOS consumes 22 mW at 2 V. The transmitter uses a /spl Delta//spl Sigma/ synthesizer and on-chip VCO to directly modulate the carrier and settles to 30 ppm within 180 /spl mu/s. The single low-IF I/O receiver uses a 7th-order complex IF filter with tuning, distributed AGC and digital PLL demodulation.
A Bluetooth transceiver has -91dBm sensitivity while drawing 24mA from a 1.8V supply. The receiver has a low-IF path with 30dB image and 9dB co-channel rejection, 80dB of AGC, digital equalization and complex PLL demodulation. The transmitter uses direct two-point modulation and draws 18mA at +6dBm output power. The DS PLL settles in 100/spl mu/s. LDO(More)
To incorporate multisensory information into the healing process, we offered a novel therapy, Eye Movement Integration (EMI), to traumatized clients who had already undergone other treatments without resolution. EMI, developed by Connirae and Steve Andreas, is based on the principle that eye movements that are naturally associated with accessing sensory,(More)
Plant-derived vaccines may soon displace conventional vaccines. Assuming there are no major technological barriers undermining the feasibility of this innovative technology, it is worthwhile to generate quantitative models of regulatory burden of producing and diffusing plant-derived vaccines in industrialized and developing countries. A dynamic simulation(More)
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