Martine Castellà-Ventura

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It is evidenced through vibrational spectroscopy that a heterodimer or "Quadac" is formed when an excess of base (LHMDS, LDA, or n-BuLi) is added to PhCH(2)CN in THF, THF-hexane, or THF-toluene(More)
Mechanisms of alkylation by PhCH(2)Cl or CH(3)I in THF and of deuteriation by DCl (4 N in D(2)O) in THF or THF-toluene of lithiated phenylacetonitrile monoanions and dianions obtained with LHMDS,(More)
The structures and spectra of mono and dianionic species derived from PhCH2CN under the action of an organic base LHMDS or n-BuLi in THF solution have been investigated by vibrational spectroscopy(More)
The carbanionic species possibly formed during the first alkylation step of phenylacetonitrile lithiated anion by CH(3)I and PhCH(2)Cl in THF-hexane solution and their complexes with the lithium salt(More)
The conventional ab initio method at the closed restricted Hartree-Fock level (RHF) and the density functional theory (DFT) approach at the B3-LYP level, using the 6-31+G* basis set, are applied to(More)
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