Martine Billard

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Although frequently investigated in the general population, the epidemiology of insomnia complaints and their treatment have received little attention in general practice. This study recruited patients > or =15 years of age, consecutively, from 127 general practitioners in France. The physicians collected data from 11,810 of their patients, of whom 55.5%(More)
New therapeutic agents are needed in digestive tract tumors. Co-029/tspan8 is a tetraspanin frequently expressed on human colorectal tumors, In this work, we report the effects of the monoclonal antibody Ts29.2, targeting Co-029/tspan8, on colorectal tumor cells in vitro and after implantation in nude mice. HT29, Isreco1 and SW480 colorectal tumor cell(More)
Tetraspanins are integral membrane proteins involved in a variety of physiological and pathological processes. In cancer, clinical and experimental studies have reported a link between tetraspanin expression levels and metastasis. Tetraspanins play a role as organizers of multimolecular complexes in the plasma membrane. Indeed each tetraspanin associates(More)
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