Martine Bellaïche

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—We present an original approach to detect SYN flooding attacks from the victim's side, by monitoring unusual handshake sequences. Detection is done in real-time to allow quick protection and help guarantee a proper defence. Our detection system uses an entropy measure to detect changes in the balance of TCP handshakes. Experiment results show that our(More)
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the dominant end to end transport protocol of the Internet, with a wide range of applications including Web, mail or peer to peer traffic. The TCP stack implements a “backlog queue” for new connections, which contains an entry for every client's connection setup received by the server. If the TCP(More)
Security is still the main obstacle that is preventing businesses from moving towards the Cloud, which makes choosing the right Cloud service provider CSP a critical decision. We propose in this paper a methodology for evaluation and selection of Cloud security services based on a Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) process using a set of evaluation criteria and(More)
This paper, Based on the paper (Yazir, Yagiz Onat,, 2010), present and develop a mathematical model for a dynamic allocation of virtual distributed resources in a data center using several criteria. This dynamic allocation of resource hosting interdependent applications reduces the response time of distributed applications and their(More)
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