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This article proposes an analysis of a dialogue between two children solving the Tower of Hanoï problem. To carry out such an analysis, we use the Interlocutory Logic which is a formal system constructed to express the logical and phenomenological properties of natural conversation.
L'annonce d'un diagnostic de cancer est ressentie le plus souvent comme l'entrée dans la maladie grave. À cette phase initiale de prise en charge, le rôle des équipes soignantes est particulièrement difficile. Compte tenu du manque relatif de données en France, cette enquête a porté essentiellement sur trois aspects: 1) comment s'est passée la prise en(More)
OBJECTIVE Episodic and semantic processes are involved in temporality used in daily life. Episodic memory permits one to place an event on the time axis, while semantic memory makes us aware of the time segmentation and its symbolic representation. Memory of the knowledge connected to the passing of time is materialized on the calendar and can be seen(More)
The discovery of time cells has expanded our knowledge in the field of spatial and temporal information coding and the key role of the hippocampus. The internal clock model complemented with the attentional gate model allows a more in-depth understanding of the perception of time. The motor representation of duration is ensured by the basal ganglia, while(More)
During the initial phase of management, the caregivers' role is particularly difficult. These two consecutive surveys have been conducted to cover three main aspects: 1) How the initial management took place; 2) What the perceived deficits were; 3) What improvements could be made. A self administered and anonymous questionnaire was given to the patients by(More)
The French Alzheimer Plan 2008-2012 anticipates the implementation of new Units specialized in cognitive rehabilitation and psycho-behavioral therapy of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients. Conceived for AD and other dementia patients of all ages, their objectives are to propose a cognitive rehabilitation program, to prevent or treat psycho-behavioral crises,(More)
This paper is aimed to improve the socio-psycho-therapeutic support for older patients with heavy psychiatric disability. First, we review the literature to question the specific grounds reported by professionals regarding the orientation of these vulnerable subjects. Secondly, we emphasize that integration of these subjects within alternatives to(More)
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