Martina Zellner

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In list-method directed forgetting, participants are cued to intentionally forget a previously studied list while remembering a subsequently presented 2nd list. Results from prior research are inconclusive on whether older adults show deficits in this type of task. In 3 experiments, the authors reexamined the issue and compared younger and older adults'(More)
Young children are assumed to be inefficient inhibitors in a number of cognitive tasks. In two experiments, we examined whether such deficits extend to children's episodic recall. We used two inhibition paradigms: retrieval-induced forgetting, the detrimental effect of retrieval practice with a subset of learned items on recall of the unpracticed items, and(More)
Retrieval practice on a subset of previously learned material can cause forgetting of the unpracticed material and make it inaccessible to consciousness. Such inaccessibility may arise because the material is no longer sampled from the set of to-be-recalled items, or, though sampled, its representation is not complete enough to be recovered into(More)
This study was designed to evaluate quality of life and life changes after heart transplantation in long-term survivors, to compare the patients' results with those obtained from healthy subjects of similar age, and to correlate quality of life with psychological and clinical variables. Questionnaires were mailed to all 43 adult German-speaking transplant(More)
In listwise directed forgetting, participants are cued to forget previously studied material and to learn new material instead. Such cueing typically leads to forgetting of the first set of material and to memory enhancement of the second. The present study examined the role of working memory capacity in adults' and children's listwise directed forgetting.(More)
Episodic forgetting can arise in a number of different situations. Recall of target material can be impaired if additional material is learned (interference), related information is repeatedly retrieved (retrieval-induced forgetting), or an instruction to intentionally forget the target material is provided (directed forgetting). The question arises which(More)
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