Martina Wilhelm

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The effects that such factors as wages, welfare policies and access to physicians, family planning clinics and abortion providers have on abortion rates and birthrates are examined in analyses based on 1978-1988 state-level data and longitudinal regression techniques. The incidence of abortion is found to be lower in states where access to providers is(More)
We address a method for pricing electricity contracts based on valuation of ability to produce power, which is considered as the true underlying for electricity derivatives. This approach shows that an evaluation of free production capacity provides a framework where a change–of–numeraire transformation converts electricity forward market into the common(More)
BACKGROUND Early childhood influences are important for the development of the allergic phenotype. In East Germany, tremendous lifestyle changes took place after 1990 and it can be hypothesized that the allergic phenotypes in mothers and their children are less similar than in West Germany. This was investigated in our study done in mothers and their(More)
The aim of the study is to investigate how persons with long term work-disability due to low back pain assess their health status and how the subjective health measurement influence work resumption (n = 663). Information on their subjective health status at 42 days after start of work-disability is set in relation to the outcomes "Continued work disability(More)
In developing inpatient and home hospice services in a subacute care setting, Villa Mercy chose to forego traditional hospice models in favor of a strong medical model. It confronted six basic issues in its pioneering effects. 1. Goal formulation. Villa Mercy provides for inpatient admissions whenever appropriate, but also aims to enable patients to stay at(More)
Since the 1990s power markets are being restructured worldwide and nowadays electrical power is traded as a commodity. The liberalization and with it the uncertainty in gas, fuel and electrical power prices requires an effective management of production facilities and financial contracts. Thereby derivatives build essential instruments to exchange volume as(More)