Martina Wetzel

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A cinematographic comparison of treadmill and overground performances by the cat revealed considerable flexibility in the neural control program for locomotion. For the single limb's step cycle, swing duration (time foot is off the surface) was approximately equal in both situations, as has been found previously. Subcomponents of the swing (flexion duration(More)
Natural anti-DNP antibodies were isolated by affinity chromatography from individual sera of three Cyprinid fish species (carp, goldfish and tench) and their electrofocusing (IEF) spectra were analysed in reducing conditions. In addition, immune anti-penicillin and anti-BSA antibodies were isolated from individual and pooled tench sera, and studied by IEF(More)
1. Cinematographic measurements were made of stepping by cats on a motor-driven treadmill, both normally and 2-3 wk after deafferentation of the LH (left hind) limb. 2. After surgery, rhythmic cycling of the LH limb was blurred whether the leg was dragged, as by some cats, or if it was lifted from the surface, as by others. 3. Interlimb coordination was(More)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors appear to possess unique cardioprotective benefits, even when used in patients without high blood pressure or left ventricular dysfunction (the traditional indications for ACE inhibitor therapy). The ACE inhibitors improve endothelial function and regress both left ventricular hypertrophy and arterial mass(More)
Empirical and theoretical reasons were given to investigate operant conditioning in a new, integrative approach within motor control physiology. Elements of inborn and learned behavior were presented in a framework specifying their stimuli and responses. The operant was redefined as a controlling discriminative stimulus, Sd, together with the response, R,(More)