Martina Weisser

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The structure and magnetic properties of an InGaAs/Fe(3)Si superlattice in a cylindrical geometry are investigated by electron microscopy techniques, x-ray diffraction and magnetometry. To form a radial superlattice, a pseudomorphic InGaAs/Fe(3)Si bilayer has been released from its substrate self-forming into rolled-up microtubes. Oxide-free interfaces as(More)
The combination of interstitial radiotherapy and interstitial hyperthermia is more promising in the treatment of tumors than one of these methods alone. The unit developed by us uses the afterloading needles for heating up the tumor tissue with ohm current and for controlling the distribution of temperature in the target volume. Up to twelve needles are(More)
The study was supposed to develop a method allowing to combine interstitial hyperthermia with high dose rate afterloading therapy. For hyperthermia, metallic hollow needles, which are also used in brachytherapy, are connected with the RF source by a computer-controlled relay switch. The temperature is measured by thermistors incorporated into the needles.(More)
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