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Hypertrophic scarring and poor intrinsic axon growth capacity constitute major obstacles for spinal cord repair. These processes are tightly regulated by microtubule dynamics. Here, moderate microtubule stabilization decreased scar formation after spinal cord injury in rodents through various cellular mechanisms, including dampening of transforming growth(More)
In pediatric oncology, therapeutic decisions are made based on tumor response to chemotherapeutic agents. Sequential measurement of tumor bulk and its percent change on therapy must be accurately assessed. Will 3-dimensional (3-D) volumetric determination improve our ability to assess tumor response to therapy? Forty-five CT scans of pediatric patients with(More)
For the patient with a traumatized acetabulum, accurate radiographic diagnosis and classification are the cornerstone of effective clinical care. The classification system of Judet and Letournel has led to improved management of such injuries. However, trauma-related acetabular fractures are often complex, with multiple fragments and secondary fracture(More)
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