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This paper presents a scheduling model for computer music systems. We give an overview of planning and scheduling issues in computer-aided music creation and rendering, and propose strategies for executing actions and computations in music composition or performance contexts. Introduction It is well known that the notion of scheduling can imply different(More)
Cyber security is an important and growing area of data mining and machine learning applications. We address the problem of distinguishing benign network traffic from malicious network-based attacks. Given a labeled dataset of some 5M network connection traces, we have implemented both supervised (Decision Trees, Random Forests) and unsupervised (Local(More)
Localization and tracking of objects is a fundamental component of robotics. In order to effectively interact with its environment and manipulate objects, a robot must be able to classify and distinguish between multiple objects and the environment, determine the position as well as orientation of these objects, and update these states in real-time. This(More)
Rosetta is an ESA cornerstone mission that will reach the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in August 2014 and will escort the comet for a 1.5 year nominal mission offering the most detailed study of a comet ever undertaken by humankind. The Rosetta orbiter has 11 scientific instruments (4 remote sensing) and the Philae lander to make complementary(More)
Prior space missions have not routinely used onboard decision-making. The Autonomous Sciencecraft (ASE), flying onboard the Earth Observing One spacecraft, has been flying autonomous agent software for the last decade that enables it to analyze acquired imagery on board and use that analysis to determine future imaging. However ASE takes approximately one(More)
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