Martina Simonato

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Cryptic female choice (CFC) refers to female-mediated processes occurring during or after copulation that result in biased sperm use in favor of preferred or compatible males. Despite recent empirical support for this hypothesis, evidence that CFC contributes towards the evolution of male body ornaments, in the same way that precopulatory female choice(More)
Activation of NMDA receptors has been linked to a diversity of lasting physiological and pathological changes in the mammalian nervous system. The cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying permanent modifications of nervous system structure and function after brief episodes of neuronal activity are unknown. Immediate-early genes (IEGs) have been(More)
Kindling is a phenomenon in which brief afterdischarges (ADs) evoked by periodic electrical stimulation of the brain eventually result in generalized clonic motor seizures. Once present, the enhanced sensitivity to electrical stimulation is lifelong. The mechanism by which brief ADs produce this long-lasting effect may involve a change in gene expression.(More)
Kindling is a model in which fleeting changes of neuronal activity produce a lifelong modification of neuronal structure and function in the mature nervous system. Immediate-early genes (IEGs) such as c-fos have been implicated as a causal link in the chain of molecular events coupling fleeting pathologic activity to lasting hyperexcitability.(More)
Lys49-PLA(2) myotoxins, an important component of various viperid snake venoms, are a class of PLA(2)-homolog proteins deprived of catalytic activity. Similar to enzymatically active PLA(2) (Asp49) and to other classes of myotoxins, they cause severe myonecrosis. Moreover, these toxins are used as tools to study skeletal muscle repair and regeneration, a(More)
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