Martina Schröter

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Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) is an umbrella term for an aetiologically diverse group of neurodegenerative disorders with prominent lobar cortical atrophy. First this disease group was restricted to Pick's disease or Pick's complex. Several updates of the clinical classification systems were performed and discussed. Currently we summarize the(More)
The Decisional Balance Worksheet (DBW), an open-ended measure of motivation to change, may be used to record the pros and cons of smoking versus abstinence among treatment-seeking smokers. Recent findings indicated that the open-ended DBW could be quantified to validly reflect people's level of motivation to stop smoking (Collins, Eck, Torchalla, Schröter,(More)
AIMS The objectives of this study were to replicate smoker profiles identified in Batra et al. (in press) and to develop a cluster-based classification system to categorize new cases into smoker profiles so that an appropriate tailored intervention could be applied. METHODS Participants were smokers in southwest Germany who sought treatment for smoking(More)
Testing manual adherence and treatment discriminability and potency have become increasingly important to ensuring the internal validity of treatment studies [Moncher, F.J., & Prinz, R.J., (1991). Treatment fidelity in outcome studies. Clinical Psychology Review, 11, 247-266.]. The objective of this study was therefore to implement the treatment integrity(More)
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