Martina Schlott

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Impaired cellular and humoral immunity and phagocytic function have been attributed to zinc deficiency. This study examined the association between low serum zinc concentration and opportunistic infections in hospitalized patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). We examined the records from all 505 inpatient consultations performed by(More)
RT6 is an enzymatically active GPI-anchored membrane protein that was originally discovered in the rat as a peripheral T cell alloantigen. It has attracted interest as an activation antigen and because defective RT6-expression coincides with increased susceptibility for autoimmune type I diabetes in the BB rat. Southern blot analyses indicate that the rat(More)
Abnormally low serum zinc levels are associated with advanced states of malnutrition. Zinc levels are thought to parallel serum albumin, and repletion of zinc has reportedly led to increased albumin. We examined the correlation between zinc deficiency and serum proteins in hospitalized patients with AIDS. Over 500 inpatient consultations were performed by(More)
Nodule formation on ITO sputtering targets was investigated by stop action in-situ video observation, 3D-SIMS, and EPMA. Major cause of nodule formation is particulates from the sputtering system, less important are particulate inclusions in the target material. A nodule growth mechanism and strategies to minimize nodule formation are proposed.
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