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Contrasting data partially support a certain antihypertensive efficacy of lactotripeptides (LTPs) derived from enzymatic treatment of casein hydrolysate. Our aim was to evaluate this effect on a large number of hemodynamic parameters. We conducted a prospective double-blind randomized clinical trial, which included 52 patients affected by high-normal blood(More)
Contrasting data partially support a certain antihypertensive efficacy of lactotripeptides derived from enzymatic treatment of casein hydrolysate. We carried out a randomized, double-blind, crossover clinical study to investigate the antihypertensive efficacy of a short-term treatment with lactotripeptides in Mediterranean subjects with normal or(More)
hereby accept the Terms. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed. For permission for commercial use of this work, please see paragraphs 4.2 and 5 of our Terms Abstract: Our aim was to test, through a crossover, double-blind, placebo-controlled(More)
INTRODUCTION Serum uric acid (SUA) may contribute to the increased cardiovascular damage through direct injury to the endothelium and alteration of cardiovascular function. AIM To evaluate the association of SUA with the presence of the most recurrent electrographic alterations and with the length of the main ECG intervals in a large sample of general(More)
OBJECTIVE Serum uric acid (SUA) levels correlate with many recognized cardiovascular risk factors, including age, male sex, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypertriglyceridemia, obesity, and insulin resistance. The aim of our study was to verify in a large well characterized population sample the relationship between SUA values, hypertension, arterial(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight subjects easily develop alterations of the glucose and lipid metabolism and are exposed to an increased cardiometabolic risk. This condition is potentially reversible through the improvement of dietary and behavioural habits. However, a well-assembled nutraceutical would be a useful tool to better improve the metabolic parameters(More)
AIM The aim of our study was to investigate whether treatment with red yeast rice added with Coenzyme Q10 is associated with changes in endothelial function and arterial stiffness. METHODS This double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial was carried out on 40 non-smoker moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects (ClinicalTrial.gov ID(More)
INTRODUCTION A large number of epidemiological trials clearly show the impact of the main cardiovascular disease risk factors in term of hospitalization and related cost, but relatively less frequently if this reflect the health needs of a given population. AIM To develop a model for the health needs-assessment that will be applied to verify if and how(More)
AIM To identify and quantify the role of different risk factors in the long-term development of IFG and T2DM in a rural Italian population sample with family history of T2DM. METHODS We selected a sample of 1271 adult subjects from among those 1851 consecutively visited during four consecutive Brisighella Heart Study surveys (1996-2008), then selecting(More)
Contrasting evidence shows a possible association between serum uric acid (SUA) and cognitive function in elderly subjects. We aimed at evaluating the impact of circulating SUA levels on cognitive function in a cohort of pharmacologically untreated young elderly subjects. For this study, we selected 288 healthy young elderly participants from the historical(More)